Custom Made Cages

  By Steve Gardner & Son

Tel:  07765 542494

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We can supply different styles of cages: such as:

 -1 up 1 down cage system

 -1 up 2 down

 -2 up 1 down

 -2 up 2 down

 -3 up 2 down

 There is a choice of either mild steel in plastic coating or stainless  steel, both of them are supplied with locking catches on the back end of the cages but then the internal cages are non-locking catches but locking catches can be fitted. we offer beech ply for the floor, buffallo board is also avaliable.

 We are also able to split the floor heights to suit your dogs. For example the passengers side floor height could be 32" and  the  drivers side could be 25".

 All dividers are easily removable by unscrewing the nut and bolts tin dividers are available for dogs that are next to each other, but they do not get on or a split of tin on the bottom of the divider and mesh on the top to stop dogs dragging stuff through the bottom of the dividers.